PS Machinery

Distributors of Haybuster agricultural machinery imported directly from the United States.
If you need large capacity, precision and reliability then look no further.

We currently have two models running in Denmark:
A straw chopper model: H-1000 Series II "The Big Bite" and a baler model: Balebuster 2564.

Haybuster supplies a wide range of agricultural equipment, so if the need arises, we can supply any model from the Haybuster range.

Besides the machines themselves, we also have a warehouse of spare parts to service your machine quickly and efficiently.

Do you have special requirements, we also have the ability to manufacture bespoke parts.

Service and manufacturing takes place at our workshop 'Karl Ommen Maskin- & Værktøjsfabrik'.

Inspired, decided or simply curious,  contact us for further information and assistance.

  • Rotation 01 450
  • Rotation 02 450
  • Rotation 03 450
  • Rotation 04 450
  • Rotation 05 450
  • Rotation 06 450
  • Rotation 07 450
  • Rotation 08 450
  • Rotation 09 450

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Karl Ommen Maskin- og VærktøjsfabrikService, repair and manufacture

Visit  Karl Ommen Maskin- & Værktøjsfabrik

Karl Ommen Maskin- & Værktøjsfabrik
Industrivej 1
6392 Bolderslev